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Rezerwacja online z depozytem 20 € tylko na grę fizyczną (reszta płatna przy kasie w zależności od liczby graczy - patrz cennik )



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Trap Interview You applied for your dream job in the best restaurant in town. A few days later you were invited for an interview. Unfortunately, when you walked in, you realize that you have been locked in a trap. Is it a part of the interview? From now on nothing will look as it is meant to be. You’re not the first one to be promised that job. You have 60 min to get your application approved or you will never open the door again. Good luck!   60 minutes   2-10 people 2nd generation puzzles

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Image by Florian Olivo

Klasyczne czasy

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Infinity Training Mission Imagine Yourself being in a Science Fiction Movie with all of your Superheroes - will You become one of them? The biggest enemy is coming to destroy all humanity. All the superheroes are fighting back, but there are not enough of them... The secret agency decides to recruit new ones. Anyone can become one of them if the training mission will be completed in less than 60 min. Can you do it? 60 minutes 2-10 people 3rd generation puzzles

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VIP Lounge You just arrive at Grand Central Castlebar Train Station, and by mistake, you entered the wrong door. It came up it was an abandoned VIP lounge that was closed all of the sudden in the late 90s. No one knows why it was closed, but the rumour is all of the famous passengers used it. One of them possessed a big secret which he wrote down on his ticket. Find it, you'll know it. Remember you only have 60 min  60 minutes 2-10 people 3rd generation puzzles

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